What to Know About Mock DUI Crashes

Stop Drinking and Driving

Seniors at high schools in the Rocklin and Roseville areas are busy getting ready for prom nights, graduation parties, and summer fun. They have reached a time in their lives that they have anticipated for years. And as this time approaches there will be some emphasis on raising the importance of driving under the influence (DUI). One thing that many high schools around California consider doing is mock DUI crashes.

Mock DUI crashes have been used by high schools throughout the nation, not just here in California. They involve a collaboration among those helping to put the mock DUI crash on, a rescue team, and the high school itself. With a mock DUI crash, the students will bear witness to a crash that takes place, viewing everything play out from the crash and rescue to the arrest and possibly even a mock funeral of a victim. How much and how graphic the mock DUI crash gets varies by where it is being done.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if your child will witness a mock DUI:

  • Experts believe that a mock DUI only has a limited impact those viewing it. For starters, they realize that it is all staged so they may not take it as serious as if it were really happening. Also, it is believed that they tend to forget the images after a few days have passed.
  • A mock DUI is believed to work best when it is done in conjunction with other tactics. The other tactics to enforce not DUI include finding local related news stories to discuss, holding a discussion after the mock DUI, and having someone speak to them that has been impacted by a DUI (either as an offender, victim, and/or a DUI attorney).
  • The mock DUI does serve as a reinforcement to educate high school students about DUI. It is an approach that takes a team of people to pull off, but may be worth it when done in conjunction with other tactics.

Throughout the Rocklin and Roseville area parents are looking for ways to help keep their teens safe on prom night, graduation night, and beyond. Discussing adding in a mock DUI for their students can be a helpful approach that parents and school administrators may want to consider. For those who do get arrested for a DUI following prom, graduation, or any other time, their best route to addressing the situation is to work with an experienced DUI attorney.

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