Tips for Hosting a Safe Graduation Party


Ah, it's that time of the year again when young people begin planning their parties, including their graduation parties. But without some proper planning and monitoring by parents, it is a night of fun that could be costly, or even turn deadly if people end up driving under the influence (DUI). This is an important situation around the Rocklin and Roseville area, as well as throughout the state of California. The good news is that there are things parents can do to help ensure a safe graduation party!

Having a safe graduation party, and helping teens to avoid getting a DUI, can be done. Here are some tips for hosting a safe graduation party:

  • Make a plan. Discuss having a graduation party with your teen. Be sure that they understand it is going to be an alcohol free party. As the party host you can be held liable if teens leave your house and DUI. Decide what can be done at the party. Also, try to recruit other parents to help chaperone the party. One or two parents monitoring a party of 10-20 teens may prove to be difficult.

  • Discuss the party rules. Determine what the rules of the party will be and how the infractions will be handled. Again, one of the main goals is to help prevent teen DUI issues. But you may also want to make such rules as nobody uninvited being allowed, or if someone brings alcohol parents will be called.

  • Check for alcohol. Just saying that no alcohol is allowed at the graduation party will not be enough. Parents need to monitor the door and the party to ensure the rule is being followed. Pay attention to people when you greet them at the door. Watch for paper bags or hidden alcohol, or if the teen has already been drinking. Once the party is going on it is also important to monitor what is going on to make sure alcohol is not making its way into the party.

  • Call parents if need be. Don't hesitate to contact parents if you find a teen that you feel has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. They would prefer to get that phone call than to get one from a police officer because they have been pulled over for a suspicion of a DUI or for an accident.

Having a safe and fun graduation party for your teens is possible. They may want to bring alcohol into the picture either by the front door or through sneaking it. But if they do, it poses liability issues to you as the host of the party. To protect yourself, the teens attending the party, and others out on the road, take steps to keep the graduation party safe and alcohol free. Teens in the Rockville and Roseville areas who find themselves being arrested for a DUI following a graduation party, or those parents who may be held liable, should speak with an attorney about their situation.

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