5 Reasons Holidays Become Drinking Days

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This week the country celebrated Cinco de Mayo, including here in the Rocklin and Roseville areas; it has become synonymous with being able to relax, let one's hair down, and have a drink. Holidays are typically a time that people tend to get pulled over more for driving under the influence (DUI).

Cinco de Mayo is one of the top holidays in the country that seems to get people drinking. Some people even jokingly refer to it as Drinko de Mayo, or Drinko de Cinco because so much drinking takes place. Other popular holidays for DUI increases include Super Bowl Sunday, Mardi Gras, Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day, and New Years Eve.

So what is it exactly that makes holidays become drinking days? Lots of reasons, including:

  1. They give people a time and day that they can feel less guilty about having some fun and throwing a few back.
  2. Because they are holidays there are usually a lot of other people doing it as well. Friends and groups have a big influence over others in getting them to join in the festivities.
  3. Holidays give people a reason to throw parties and bring friends together. The parties usually include some sort of alcohol though.
  4. Many people like that alcohol can help them relax and enjoy mingling with others more. If they are at a party it may help them feel more a part of the party and able to open up and share in the fun.
  5. Another reason that holidays becoming drinking days is because of marketing. Alcohol producers take advantage of the first four reasons and they tend to market their product heavier near the holidays, as well as offer special deals.

There is nothing wrong with joining in the party and having some drinks. The only issue that may arise at these holiday parties is how one is getting home after the party has run its course. Finding a safe way home that helps you avoid getting a DUI should be a top priority. Always find a designated driver if you have had too much to drink. Whether you are in the Roseville or Rocklin areas or beyond, you can find friends or take a cab. If you do find yourself waking up this morning with a DUI following this weeks Cinco de Mayo celebration be sure to speak with an attorney. Working with a DUI attorney is the only way to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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